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I am an attorney who went through very destructive divorce. I spent tens of thousands of dollars and felt that there must be a better way to end a marriage.  I devoted myself to this goal and have a unique flat fee approach that leads to a less devisive divorce. I thought there has to be a better method that is less destructive to the parties and families, less stressful, and less expensive.  

When you see a family lawyer, the lawyer will quote a "retainer" price of anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 and tell you that they will charge on an hourly basis and the lawyer will attempt to minimize court hearings and posturing, but there is no way they could control what the spouse's lawyer might do and drive up the costs.  So you leave the office, after paying the retainer, with the honest belief, and a little hope, that it will not cost more than $10,000. What the lawyer failed to mention was that with every Discovery Request, every motion and hearing, and every phone call they are running the clock.  They treat your case like 2:00 left in game time with your team winning if they could run down the clock. Only the difference is that with the divorce lawyer, the clock can never run out!! So you are stuck with a bill in the tens of thousands of dollars.  In the process, you grow to truly hate your ex-spouse because they are causing you to waste all this money.  One of the spouses eventually talks to the kids and now the kids are involved and know way too much. The kids then are forced to take sides, and relationships with your kids are truly compromised. 

Our approach is to utilize the most effective tool you will have in achieving a fair and equitable settlement.  The mediation process. We use only the most qualified mediators that can take even the most complex cases with the most entrenched parties and reach settlements.  Inherent in each settlement, is that each party does not get everything that they wanted, and a compromise is reached. 

While our goal is have your case settled in a mediation, we have the ability to take you through a trial. While we believe that trial is not a good option for a majority of divorces, occasionally there is not another choice. 


We offer a flat fee divorce for $12,500. That fee includes the the Complaint or Answer, Motion for Status Quo, Mandatory Disclosures including Financial Affidavit, Discovery Requests and Responses, including bank statements, 401K statements, etc., Mediation,  Marital Settlement Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan, and Final Hearing. This cost does NOT include any evidentiary hearings, or trial. While we can not control the other side, we usually are able to limit the other side from filing superfluous motions. If we should have evidentiary hearings or a trial, then we would charge you on an hourly basis of $450 per hour. However, most of our cases settle at mediation and the cost is only $12,500. 

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